TN Judge Assails Jail’s Recording of Inmate-Attorney Calls


Phone calls between inmates and attorneys at Nashville’s jail are protected by the attorney-client privilege, the jail's recording of such calls is a “serious threat” to constitutional rights, and federal prosecutors erred when they dumped hundreds of the recorded calls on 30 defense attorneys in a sex-trafficking case, says a federal judge’s ruling reported by The Tennessean.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge William J. Haynes Jr. follows a controversy that erupted when the U.S. Attorney's office turned over 142 CDs containing evidence of an alleged prostitution ring operated by the Somali Outlaws suspected of trafficking minor females between Minnesota and Nashville for sex. Haynes froze lawyers' access to the materials when one of the defense attorneys in the case, Patrick Frogge, discovered about 300 jail calls to his law firm were included on the CDs.

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