Unprecedented Charges of San Diego Police Misconduct Prompt Ethics Plan


San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne, addressing a recent rash of investigations into alleged wrongdoings by his officers, unveiled a seven-point plan to reduce such misconduct, says the San Diego Union-Tribune. It comes on the heels of at least eight investigations of officers accused of crimes such as rape, domestic violence, drunken driving, and sexual battery under the color of authority.

Lansdowne said the “unprecedented number” of cases against officers has tarnished the Police Department’s image and that it will take years to rebuild a strong relationship with the public. He said officers have faced the same financial, personal and work stresses as everyone else in the challenging economy, which may be contributing to the rise in on- and off-duty misconduct. The plan includes more staffing in the internal affairs unit, more tainig of supervisors on ethics issues, and an anonymous complaint hotline for the public.

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