Mississippi Uses New Lethal Injection Cocktail In Execution


Mississippi used a new lethal injection cocktail to execute Benny Joe Stevens, 52, for the 1999 murders of four people, reports the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Stevens was injected with a mix of pentobarbital, Pavulon and potassium chloride. The state previously used sodium thiopental – one of the most common execution drugs in the U.S. – but a nationwide shortage has forced some states to consider other options.

The new drug costs $400 more per execution, bringing the total to about $11,400 each, said state corrections chief Christopher Epps. The execution was the 10th since Mississippi began using lethal injections, and two more executions are scheduled this month. Before his execution, Stevens expressed remorse for the killings, particularly the deaths of two children ages 10 and 11.

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