Hispanics Question Obama’s Commitment on Immigration Reform


Hispanic activists are not cheering President Obama’s newfound commitment to a comprehensive federal immigration bill, reports Politico. Obama appeared in Texas yesterday to speak on the issue, but top Hispanics say it’s too little, too late. They’d rather he put as much effort into actions he can take with a stroke of a pen, like slowing the deportations of certain illegal immigrants.

Not only is Obama resisting requests to use his executve power, but there also is no evidence the administration has a legislative strategy to pass a bill through Congress. People are questioning Obama's motives: Is he really serious this time, or is he just checking a political box ahead of the 2012 election? A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, Brendan Buck, said the White House hasn't contacted the speaker's office or the House Judiciary Committee to talk about the issue. “Frankly, we've had no indication from the White House that immigration reform is a priority for them,” Buck said.

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