Jury Selection 100 Miles Away In Florida Casey Anthony Case


Florida court officials have taken the unusual step of picking a jury in Clearwater, Fl., for the high-profile Orlando murder trial of mother Casey Anthony, says the St. Petersburg Times. The cities are more than 100 miles apart. Anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, who disappeared in the summer of 2008. Caylee’s remains were discovered months later about a quarter-mile from her home.

More than 600 media outlets have received credentials for the trial. The intense media glare prompted Judge Blevin Perry to order that the jurors will come from another county, and then be transported into Orange County for the trial. Jurors will be taken from Clearwater and sent to Orlando for six to eight weeks. They will hear testimony for half days on Saturdays. Jurors will not be allowed to make trips back home. About 100 to 120 people were summoned for jury selection today. In 1994, Orange County residents were brought to Pinellas County to serve as jurors in the triple-murder trial of Oba Chandler. Chandler was found guilty of raping and killing a mother and her teenage daughters, and he still sits on death row.

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