Bratton on McCarthy: “Smart, Articulate, Assertive”


In a profile of new Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, the Chicago Tribune says his last couple of years as Newark chief have been a slog. He’s battled to keep violent crime as flat as possible, while budget cuts of 167 officers left the force at roughly 1,000. The murder of a mother of two was the catalyst for a series of demonstrations in which activists and some politicians began calling for McCarthy’s resignation.

Still, his reputation in Newark as a crime fighter and administrator remains strong. He is credited with increasing the professionalism and skill of the police department, while negotiating a thorny political landscape with the thick skin that he developed in decades of climbing the ranks of New York’s top brass. Some feel McCarthy is getting out of town at the right time as police resources continue to dwindle and dismal social conditions show no signs of real improvement. William Bratton, former New York City police commissioner, promoted McCarthy to precinct commander in the 1990s. “He stood out among the crowd, and it was an outstanding crowd. There was a lot of talent in the New York Police Department,” Bratton said. “He projects confidence. He’s smart, articulate, assertive. And he’s not afraid to stick his neck out.”

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