IN Youth Held In Homeless Man’s Death; “Ultimate Form of Cowardice”


Indianapolis police have arrested a man, 20, in connection with the fatal attack on a homeless man, Stephen McGuire, 61, says the Indianapolis Star. Police say video shows a group of five youths — four males and one female — appearing to take part in the assault of McGuire, who was repeatedly kicked in the head. One is shown laughing and pointing at McGuire’s body, shadow boxing like a fighter who has just scored a knockout.

Forty-three homeless people were killed nationwide in 2009, and 294 have been slain since 1999. “Unfortunately, the time for caring about the homeless has passed in this country, and compassion fatigue has come down on them like a sledgehammer,” said Neil Donovan of the National Coalition for the Homeless. Most assaults are committed by groups of drunken white males younger than 24 who do it for sport. He said the youths are influenced by video games that make sport of “bum fights” and videos that show homeless people being assaulted. “It’s the ultimate form of cowardice.”

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