Entertainment Media, Mother Profit from Holloway “Gold Mine”


Beth Holloway is “profiting financially from her daughter’s death” by “honoring” Natalee with a lurid cable reality show, “a sort of poor woman’s America’s Most Wanted,” at 10 p.m. Monday on Lifetime, says Philadelphia Inquirer television critic Jonathan Storm. Natalee Holloway vanished six years ago.

Storm says, “it’s impossible not to conclude that Beth Holloway developed a burning need for media attention that clouded her judgment as she relentlessly tried to find a murderer.” The program is accompanied by a movie, “Justice for Natalee Holloway,” which features Tracy Pollan as Beth Holloway “bouncing hither and yon, never in any gear lower than high dudgeon, seeking answers about her daughter’s death,” Storm says. The Holloway case is a gold mine, with a 2009 movie on the case getting the highest movie ratings in the network’s history up to that time.

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