With GOP in Control, Concealed Weapon Carry Likely in Wisconsin


Republican legislators in Wisconsin are moving quickly on bills to allow people to carry concealed weapons without any training and potentially without having to obtain state permits, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wisconsin and Illinois are the only states that do not allow people to carry concealed guns and other weapons. The legislature passed concealed weapons bills in 2003 and 2005, but they were vetoed by Gov. Jim Doyle.

With Republicans now controlling the Legislature and governor’s office, a concealed weapons bill is expected to pass pass this session. Rep. Jeff Mursau and Sen. Pam Galloway have proposed bills that go much further than past versions. Galloway does not believe training is needed for people to carry concealed guns. “People who carry concealed as private citizens are responsible people,” she said. The state requires hunters to take a safety course. Critics said that at minimum, the state should ban guns from more places, such as domestic abuse shelters.

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