PA To Start Sex-Offender Court; DA Seeks GPS Tracking


Pennsylvania's first sex-offender court will launch next month in Allegheny County, reports the UpperSt.Clair Patch. The court is a test for the state and will handle the 300 cases the county sees each year, ensuring that they move through the system more quickly. Allegheny County Judge Donna Jo McDaniel will preside,.

Pennsylvania will be the third state to set up a sex-offender court. The pilot program in Allegheny County could be expanded to other areas of the state in a year or so if it is deemed successful. District Attorney Stephen Zappala hopes the court will be a launch pad for GPS tracking of violent offenders. Red Five Security, a Virginia-based consulting firm, is testing GPS tracking units affixed to bracelets and worn by 45 convicted and registered sex offenders.

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