Georgia Gun Dealer Loses Appeal in New York City Lawsuit


A Georgia gun store owner has lost most likely the final round in a five-year-old legal fight that started when New York City sued other gun dealers in Georgia and states, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jay Wallace, owner of Adventure Outdoors, lost an appeal yesterday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.

The court said, however, that terms of monitoring were too broad and would have to be revised. In all the other cases, New York paid for a court-appointed monitor to oversee gun sale records for three years. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent investigators to shops in several states to make “straw” gun purchases because, he said, “rogue” gun dealers were responsible for firearms recovered at New York City crime scenes. For the last two years, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has ranked Georgia the No. 1 source state for firearms recovered at crime scenes around the U.S.

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