Man Convicted of Murder, Attacks Oklahoma Prosecutor

A convicted murderer attacked Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater in a courtroom yesterday at the close of trial, and the two men fell fighting to the floor at the feet of the victim’s mother, The Oklahoman reports. Prater, a former police officer, was punched in the face. He then pushed Emanuel “E Man” Mitchell toward a wooden rail that splits the courtroom in two. They fell through a swinging gate, their upper bodies landing inside the spectators’ section.

Sheriff’s deputies rushed to subdue and handcuff Mitchell. Horrified jurors and spectators rushed out courtroom doors. Jurors earlier yesterday found Mitchell, 33, and Anthony “Black” Morrison, 44, guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a 16-year-old accomplice during a 2009 pharmacy robbery. Jurors decided the cousins should spend life in prison. Prosecutors told jurors the men were cowardly and predators for sending two boys in to rob the pharmacy. The pharmacist fatally shot one boy; he faces his own murder trial in two weeks.

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