NRA Won’t Talk To Gun-Control Protest Group


About 150 advocates of tighter gun laws called up the National Rifle Association, holding its convention in Pittsburgh over this weekend, to open a dialogue about ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill, says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Let’s Talk,” was the theme of the protest, “Nobody is protesting against guns, nobody is saying the NRA doesn’t have a right to exist,” said Max Nacheman of CeaseFirePA. “We’re talking about finding a way to make it harder for criminals to get guns. It’s a simple message.”

In a letter sent to the NRA, published in local newspapers and printed on a mobile billboard, anti-violence groups called on the NRA to meet with them while in Pittsburgh to discuss the removal of what they consider flaws in the national instant criminal background check system and the plugging of loopholes in the law. The NRA did not respond, sparking the protest. “It’s not about the Second Amendment, it’s about common sense,” said Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper. “We’re the best country in the world, but we don’t act like it when it comes to guns.

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