Did P. Diddy, New York Rangers Also Get Cheap Police Escorts?


After Charlie Sheen’s 80-mph Washington, D.C., police escort downtown from Dulles Airport, New York City officials are investigating reports that P. Diddy left a Manhattan concert Friday surrounded by New York police cars with flashing lights. Last weekend, the Washington, D.C., escorted the New York Rangers to and from the playoff game at the Verizon Center, reports the Washington Post.

The three incidents run counter to official policies that reserve motorcades for security purposes. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said police escorts are only for the president, vice-president or others who require “extra-ordinary protective measures.” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the New York Post: “The bottom line is the police department should treat everybody exactly the same. If you don't get a police escort, P. Diddy shouldn't.” Turns out police escorts come cheap: Sheen's promoter paid $445.68 for his escort, and the hockey team ponied up $840.

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