Houston Bank Robbery Suspects Left Clues on Facebook


Two days before a Houston bank heist, bank teller Estefany Martinez, 19, posted a cryptic status update on her Facebook page: “Get $$$.” It would take a little over a week and a Crime Stoppers tip before investigators unraveled the plot twist behind a March 23 bank robbery. What looked on surveillance video to be a classic bank robbery — with armed, masked suspects and terrorized bank tellers — turned out to be an amateurish inside job, allegedly orchestrated by two 19-year-old tellers with the help of a boyfriend and an older brother.

Using an incriminating trail of Facebook posts left by Martinez and her boyfriend, Ricky “Ricko Gee” Gonzalez, detectives arrested four suspects this week on bank theft charges, alleging they made off with $62,000. Their Facebook pages held not-so-subtle clues: Two days after the robbery, Martinez posted: “IM RICH …” followed by a rhyming expletive. “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDEREDS …” her boyfriend allegedly posted the day after the heist. He also boasted of wiping another part of his anatomy with $50 bills. An attorney for Martinez, Richard Kuniansky, described his client as “young and immature,” suggesting there is a lesson in her current predicament. “I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t post pictures of yourself on Facebook smoking pot or drinking because employers are now looking at Facebook pages,” he said. “But I never knew there should be a warning not to post about a bank robbery that’s been committed.”

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