As Crown Victoria Fades, Austin Police Want to Stock Up with 176 More


Before the face of police cars changes forever, Austin police are hoping to buy one more group of Crown Victorias this year, says the Austin American-Statesman. Police are asking the city for $4.5 million to buy 176 Crown Victorias before Ford discontinues the iconic patrol car. Austin patrol officers have driven the Fords for more than 20 years, and buying anything different would mean having to buy new parts and equipment that would fit the other models.

“One of the reasons why we want to order now is because the two companies that are making new cars for police (Ford and Chevy) are keeping price points closed, and we don’t know how much a replacement car could cost,” said Assistant Police Chief Sean Mannix. Another concern is that the new police cars that companies are promoting are only prototypes and have not been extensively tested, he said. It is necessary for police to have the same model, he said, because the department stocks up on parts, such as computer mounts and light bars. Because the Crown Victoria has not changed much in the past two decades, parts can be used interchangeably on different model years.

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