British Media Don’t Cover Local Court Cases, Police Tweet Them


A local British police force is tweeting the results of court cases because of the media’s failure to cover them, the BBC reports. Police officials said the updates on a micro-blogging site were the first ever “tweet-a-thon” from a justice center. Police didn’t say if they would repeat the experiment. Among the first cases the force tweeted about were a woman accused of stealing flour and cucumber from a shop and a 58-year-old man who admitted a charge of drinking and driving.

Said a police official: “We’ve seen over recent years a bit of a decline in court reporting, particularly through local newspapers as they’ve faced their own financial constraints. “That’s tended to result in the general public not knowing what happens in court and what the outcomes at courts are. And this is our opportunity to raise that interest again and to show people there is a vast amount of police business going through courts and people are being dealt with and sentenced and punished for what they’ve done.” Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth said, “We hope that the ‘tweet-a-thon’ [ ] will give people a flavour for the range of offenders we deal with, an insight into the court system and, importantly, peace of mind that justice is being done.”

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