AZ Gov. Brewer Surprisingly Vetoes Guns-on-Campus Bill


Arizona university officials and students are cheering a surprise veto from Gov. Jan Brewer, who yesterday refused to sign into law a bill that would have allowed guns on university and community college campuses, reports the Arizona Republic. Higher education officials had lobbied heavily against the measure, saying it would lead to potentially dangerous situations.

Brewer — typically a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights — called the bill “poorly written” and said it lacked clarity. The bill would have required community colleges and universities to allow both concealed and openly carried weapons in their public rights of way, which would likely include public roads and adjacent sidewalks. It didn’t clearly define “right of way,” which Brewer cited as an example of the bill’s lack of clarity. The governor also questioned the use of “educational institution” throughout the bill, which she said could be construed to mean applying to K-12 schools, which would conflict with existing state and federal statutes that prohibit weapons on those school grounds. Bill sponsor State Sen. Ron Gould called it a “very rude veto letter.”

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