Ohio Chief Voids 906 Tickets After Complaints About Speed Trap


Deciding it was inhospitable – and unfair – to ticket out-of-state visitors at a bustling soccer tournament, Hamilton, Oh., Police Chief Neil Ferdelman voided 906 speeding citations, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. Ferdelman said it was the first time he invalidated a batch of tickets since the city began using the speed-enforcement van about a year ago – and the incident is prompting debate about the program’s future.

An unmanned van generated tickets as thousands of vehicles whizzed out of Joyce Park, host of the Mid-American Soccer Classic for the past two weekends. Equipped with a camera that snaps photos of vehicles exceeding a designated speed, the van recorded 906 vehicles going faster than 37 mph in a 25-mph zone. Police were directing traffic, “telling people to come on, keep moving,” Ferdelman said. Mike Dickey, police chief in adjoining Fairfield, told Ferdelman about complaints that police had turned the tournament into a “speed trap.”

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