Illinois May Create Nation’s First Murderers Registry


Would you want to know if a convicted murderer lives in your neighborhood? The Arlington (Il.) Daily Herald bets that most people would, and urges Illinois legislators to create the nation's first murderers registry. “Andrea’s Law” was approved by the House last week, 97-1.

Named after Andrea Will, who was strangled to death by her boyfriend when they were students at Eastern Illinois University in 1998, the bill requires all people convicted of first-degree murder to register with Illinois State Police for 10 years after they leave prison. The legislation was proposed when her ex-boyfriend, Justin Boulay, was released from prison last year after serving 12 years of a 24-year sentence. The bill's sponsor, State Rep. Dennis Reboletti, said up to 500 Illinoisans who are on parole and another 3,000 who will eventually be released from prison might have to register under this plan.

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