FBI Breaking Up International Ring of Computer Thieves


The FBI is taking action against a ring of international computer thieves who stole hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide by infecting over 2.3 million computers with malicious software, reports the Associated Press. U.S. authorities called it the biggest such enforcement action they have ever taken against cyber criminals.

FBI officials said investigators were able to perform a digital sting of their own — taking control of several of the malicious computer servers and sending commands to make them stop transferring pirated data. Millions of dollars were stolen from U.S. computer users. Investigators were trying to contain a malware program called Coreflood, which has been around for at least a decade and can record key strokes, allowing cyber criminals to take over unsuspecting computers and steal passwords, banking, and credit card information. Investigators seized five major computer servers that were controlling hundreds of thousands of infected computers, and seized 29 domain names used to communicate with those servers.

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