Inner-City IN Pastors Miffed As Anticrime Grants are Eliminated


Some Indianapolis inner-city pastors are livid at being passed over in the first round for crime-fighting grants this year and have vowed to let City Hall know about it, reports the Indianapolis Star. “It doesn’t make any sense to deny funding to the organizations that are out on the street in the black community every day doing things that work,” said the Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition, which received $124,000 last year. “We cannot let this stand. The community will be outraged.”

The Indianapolis Parks Foundation sent emails to 88 community groups Friday telling them they won’t be getting any of the $1.7 million from this year’s Community Crime Prevention Grant program. The 27 groups that made the cut will submit final applications by April 20. An estimated 15 to 20 final recipients will be announced a month later. The foundation is reducing the grant total from $4 million last year to $1.7 million this year. A seven-member selection panel trimmed 115 applicants — seeking $12 million — to 27 asking for $3 million. Last year, 68 organizations got funds. Foundation President Cindy Porteus said the Ten Point Coalition “is a great organization with great programs,” but the panel had to consider a number of factors. Chief among them were whether the applicants could show results and keep the program running if the grants dry up next year.

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