AZ Sends Governor Law Allowing Guns on College Campuses


The Arizona legislature gave final approval to a measure that will allow guns on college campuses, although it doesn’t go so far as to allow them inside buildings or classrooms, says the Arizona Republic. The final version of the bill requires state community colleges and universities to allow both concealed and openly carried weapons in their public rights of way, which would likely include public roads and adjacent sidewalks.

The original version would have allowed guns everywhere on college campuses, including in classrooms. kSponsoring Sen. Ron Gould said he narrowed the scope to assure the bill’s passage. A spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer refused comment on whether she would sign the bill, but she historically has supported measures expanding gun rights. Arizona and 24 other states allow public colleges and universities to make their own decisions about regulating firearms on campus. None in Arizona allows the public to carry guns on campus.

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