Ramsey Gets Raise to $255K, To Stay in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is staying, reports Philly.com. Ramsey, who has overseen a reduction in violent crime while aggressively rooting out corruption in his department, will not leave to become Chicago’s top cop, Ramsey and Mayor Michael Nutter announced yesterday afternoon. Chicago was “a dream job, and one I thought about and came close to getting in 1998,” Ramsey said. He added that he had “never had a decision more difficult.”

He credited conversations with Nutter and “experiences I've had in the last three years. [ ] This is still not a city any of us envision it to be in five years, in 10 years [ ] and I want to be a part of that.” Nutter helped entice Ramsey to stay with a $60,000 raise — Ramsey will now make $255,000, up from $195,000, and be the city’s highest-paid employee. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Ramsey’s asking price had been too steep for incoming Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Ramsey reportedly sought a compensation package of more than $400,000. Ramsey currently receives a $95,000 annual pension from the City of Chicago that he would have to forego if he returned to work there.

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