Georgia TV Surrender Highlights Police-Criminal Tensions


The death of Jamie Hood’s brother to a police bullet in 2001 and Hood’s dramatic surrender Friday in Athens, Ga., after a four-hour hostage standoff offers a provocative timeline of rising tensions between police and street criminals in the last decade, leading to more bloodshed on the beat even as violent crime has decreased, says the Christian Science Monitor.

After being approached by two police officers investigating a carjacking, Hood allegedly opened fire and escaped, leaving one officer dead and another seriously injured. Police tracked Hood to an apartment. As he held eight women and children hostage, Hood demanded that TV cameras cover the surrender because he was afraid he’d be gunned down by police. The drama in Athens unfolded at a time when many experts believe that there’s a brewing “war on cops,” given a spike in the number of police officers killed in shootouts over the past 18 months.

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