Sexting Tale: How WA Girl’s Nude Photo Yielded 3 Felony Charges


Law enforcement officials and educators are struggling with how to confront minors who “sext,” an imprecise term that refers to sending sexual photos, videos, or texts from one cellphone to another, says the New York Times. For teenagers with ready access to technology, sexting is laughably easy, unremarkable, and usually done to look cool and sexy to someone they find attractive.

“Having a naked picture of your significant other on your cellphone is an advertisement that you're sexually active to a degree that gives you status,” said Rick Peters, a prosecutor in Thurston County, Wa., “It's an electronic hickey.” The Times tells the story of what happened with Washington state charges against three students for dissemination of child pornography, a Class C felony, because they had set off a viral outbreak involving a girl’s nude photo.

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