NC Cases Raise Questions On Blood Test Results


North Carolina district attorneys assured the public that there is no need to worry about the outcomes of blood cases cited in an audit of the State Bureau of Investigation, says the Raleigh News & Observer. There’s no question of the guilt of any of the defendants, they said. Chris Foye begs to disagree. Foye, who has spent 19 years in prison, said he pleaded to charges in a murder he didn’t commit rather than risk the death penalty in a trial. Foye didn’t know that the bureau had identified another man’s DNA in the victim’s panties, information that would have changed how his lawyers handled the case.

Foye’s case and others call into doubt the prosecutors’ assurances that there is no need to worry about last year’s independent audit, commissioned by Attorney General Roy Cooper, which found that the bureau’s crime lab withheld or misreported blood test results in 229 cases. The SBI said this week that it has identified an additional 74 cases with similar problems.

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