Despite Spate of Police Shootings, Miami Chief Defends His Force


Miami police officers have shot and killed 7 African-American men in eight months. The New York Times says the shootings in the racially polarized city have led to marches on police headquarters and calls for a Justice Department investigation. The city manager has initiated an investigation into the chief's record.

Families of the seven shooting victims will speak at a City Commission meeting on Thursday. Some families are demanding that Police Chief Migual Exposito be dismissed. “I don't understand how the powers that be can allow these things to keep happening,” said Sheila McNeil, the mother of one victim. Exposito, a 37-year veteran who became chief in 2009, defended his leadership. “We don't have a violent police department,” he said in an interview. “You'll find our officers are very compassionate with the people they deal with. They will try to de-escalate situations rather than resorting to deadly force.”

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