Critics Demand Probe on How States Got Lethal-Injection Drug


Attorneys in Arizona and Kentucky have joined a lawyer in Georgia calling on the Justice Department to investigate how the states acquired a key lethal injection drug that is in short supply in the U.S., the Associated Press reports. The requests come as many of the 34 death penalty states scramble to find an alternative for lethal injections after the sole U.S. maker of sodium thiopental said earlier this year it would no longer produce it.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said the state was still trying to get sodium thiopental from other states, but officials may have no choice but to switch to another drug, which probably will be pentobarbital. Texas and Oklahoma have announced a switch to pentobarbital, and plan to use it along with two other drugs. Ohio became the first state to use pentobarbital alone when it executed an inmate with the drug March 10.

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