Privatizing Ohio Prisons Would Save Via Lower Employee Benefits


Ohio corrections director Gary Mohr’s goals include selling five prisons, privatizing two, cutting the population by 2,000 inmates, and saving $10 million in medical costs, says the Columbus Dispatch. In a legislative hearing on a proposed $2.97 billion biennial prison budget, Mohr made it clear that his proposed changes won’t be easy. Some 171 state employees would lose their jobs.

Mohr said private companies pay less and allow less vacation, sick and personal time. It takes two state employees to staff a position for a week but requires 1.7 private employees to do the same job, he said. He was asked about the influence his former employer, the private-prison operator Corrections Corp. of America, would have on the proposed sales and contracts. He said he has turned over all decision-making in the matter to chief of staff Linda Janes.

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