Tennessee Proposal to Allow Guns on Campus Faces Opposition

Tennessee legislators are considering a proposal to allow state university and college employees with carry permits to take guns onto campus, says the Tennessean. The state’s college campuses are gun-free zones now, and plenty of professors and campus police would like it to stay that way. “I’m a gun owner, but there’s a place for guns, and it’s not in a classroom,” said Sgt. Broede Stucky, a firearms instructor and member of the public safety force at Middle Tennessee State University, which has seen two firearms incidents in or near campus this year.

Utah allows professors and students to carry concealed on campus. Texas, Arizona, Florida, and several other states are considering proposals similar to Tennessee’s. All are facing protests from the universities. The National Conference of State Legislatures says that of the 48 states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons, 22 ban guns on campus. Another 25 allow universities to set their weapons policies.

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