Detroit Police Officers Warned About Using Social Media


Detroit Police brass have laid down the law to officers: Stop tweeting about troublemakers and posting felons’ photos online, says the Detroit News. A teletype from Commander Jeffrey Romeo of the department’s Office of Civil Rights and Deputy Chief Janice Butler of the Civil Rights Integrity Bureau advised officers to use discretion when posting to social media.

“When using social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. department members shall be mindful that their … postings become part of the worldwide electronic domain,” the directive read. “Therefore, adherence to the Detroit Police Department’s Code of Conduct policy is required when utilizing social media. The teletype, which warned that violators of the policy could face undisclosed punishment, came after a police officer was put on desk duty after allegedly posting a cell phone photo he said someone sent him of a crime scene. In the photo, officers surround a man wielding a sword. After a standoff that lasted several minutes, the man lunged toward an officer, who shot him in the leg, police said.

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