Camden NJ Gets Funds To Rehire 50 of 168 Laid-Off Cops


The impoverished, crime-ridden city of Camden, N.J., will be able to rehire 50 of the police officers and 15 of the firefighters it was forced to lay off in January, thanks to state aid, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. The news comes after a promised infusion of $2.5 million approved by Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, which had earlier slashed aid to Camden. On Jan. 18, Camden handed out pink slips to 168 police officers, half of its force, and 67 of its firefighters.

The police and firefighters will return to their jobs April 1, but will be guaranteed their jobs only through the end of June, said Mayor Dana Redd’s spokesman, Robert Corrales. The $2.5 million comes from rent paid to the city by the South Jersey Port Corp., a quasi-state agency. Redd plans to work with Christie and county and local officials to create a “regionalized public-safety and shared-services plan.”

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