Will Obama Drop Proposal to Change Juvenile Justice Funding?


A juvenile justice advocate believes that the White House may consider modifying its controversial proposal to overhaul federal juvenile justice funding, Youth Today reports. President Obama's 2012 budget proposes to take formula funds tied to state adherence to federal standards, combine them with state block grant money, and put the total into a $120 million competitive pot for states. “We're hoping for a clarification that what they really meant was that [formula funds] would still be given out, and there would be a smaller incentive pot,” said Liz Ryan of the Campaign for Youth Justice, who said she has met with White House officials on the subject.

Obama's budget offers no dollars for both formula funds and juvenile accountability block grants. Ryan said she and other advocates believe the administration is open to modifying the proposal after hearing criticism from her organization and others. Ryan blamed “uninformed thinking” from the Office of Management and Budget for the proposal.

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