DEA Seizes GA Execution Drug; TX To Switch Sedatives


There can be no more executions in Georgia for now after the Drug Enforcement Administration seized the state’s supply of sodium thiopental, one of three drugs used in lethal injection, reports NPR. The government has questions about whether the drug was imported illegally from Britain. Other states may also have to answer questions about how they obtained their supplies.

There’s been a lot of secrecy surrounding how states have been getting sodium thiopental since a U.S. company stopped making the sedative in 2009. Records show Georgia bought the drug from an English distributor, Dream Pharma. In court, the Georgia Department of Corrections said it was not worried about the quality of its supply. Defense attorneys got records that showed the state may have violated federal law in obtaining the drug. “Georgia has engaged in a pattern of illegality and shady misconduct to get drugs to execute people,” says William Montross of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta. Texas announced it would join Ohio and Oklahoma and switch to using the sedative pentobarbital. Texas plans to use the new drug in an execution scheduled for next month

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