Boston House Break-Ins Jump 24%; Few Are Solved


Reported house break-ins jumped 24 percent in Boston last year, shattering the security of renters and homeowners who say they learned the hard way the importance of deadbolting doors, keeping lights on, and eyes open, reports the Boston Herald. New statistics show police need cooperation from residents more than ever. Home burglaries are soaring, and most of them go unsolved.

Last year, only 11 percent of the 2,846 reported home break-ins were solved. The previous year, only 14 percent of the 2,282 reported breaks were solved. Nationally, the clearance rate for burglaries is about 12 percent, says the FBI. Boston police official Daniel Linskey blames the bad economy for the increase. Thieves get in through unlocked doors and windows about half the time, he said. Property owners should also make sure to record serial numbers of all electronics — something most people don't do, Linskey said. “Even if it gets reported to us and we find that property down the road, we can never prove who it belongs to because we can't prove it's stolen property,” he said.

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