David Simon Offers Sympathy For “The Wire” Actress After Arrest


Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, an actress in “The Wire” who was arrested this week on drug charges in Baltimore, has “had one of the hardest lives imaginable,” says “The Wire” creator and producer David Simon in the Baltimore Sun. He notes that “the entertainment industry as a whole does not offer a great many roles for those who can portray people from the other America. There are, in fact, relatively few stories told about the other America.”

Simon notes that writers of “The Wire” said in a Time magazine essay that “the war on drugs has devolved into a war on the underclass, that in places like West and East Baltimore, where the drug economy is now the only factory still hiring and where the educational system is so crippled that the vast majority of children are trained only for the corners, a legal campaign to imprison our most vulnerable and damaged citizens is little more than amoral.” Simon said that drug defendants, absent proof of violent acts, should be acquitted. He acknowledged that he does not know the details of the Pearson charges, such as what drug is involved and whether violence is alleged.

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