Conyers’ Wife Complains About Food, Lack of Work in U.S. Prison


Some call it Camp Cupcake, but Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia is no cakewalk, ex-Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers tells the Detroit News. The incarcerated wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, former House Judiciary Committee chairman, wrote a letter to the newspaper saying she’s keeping her spirits up, loves Detroit, and hates prison chow.

“It’s over-crowded and they barely have food to feed the people,” Conyers wrote. “The portions are smaller and no seconds when it’s something good. Most of the women are here for drugs!” Conyers is federal inmate No. 43693-039 after pleading guilty to accepting $6,000 in bribes for switching her vote on a $1.2 billion sludge contract. She still signs her correspondence “Councilwoman Monica.”In prison, Conyers said, “It’s not a lot to do here. The main place of employment closed down [ ] It’s mainly recreation choices because classes are filled.”

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