Violence Drops in Seattle but Domestic Violence Assaults Rise


Violent crime reported to Seatte police dropped 9 percent last year compared with 2009, reports the Seattle Times. Of the 19 homicides in the city last year, detectives made arrests in 15 — plus arrests in four additional “cold-case” killings, including one dating back to 1968, said Assistant Chief Jim Pugel. The homicide rate was the lowest since 1956, “which was the year before I was born, and I’m old,” Police Chief John Diaz cracked.

Robberies were down 20 percent in 2010 compared with the previous year. Diaz said one troubling trend is the slight rise in the number of aggravated assaults, crimes that typically involve the use of deadly weapons or result in great bodily harm. Though the 1,973 aggravated assaults committed was only a 1 percent increase over the 1,945 in 2009, “hidden in those numbers” is a trend showing a disturbing rise in assaults related to domestic violence, Diaz said. Police have been focusing on reducing burglaries, car prowls and auto thefts — and each of the department’s five precincts have created lists of their 10 most-wanted suspects in each category. By concentrating on pattern burglars, officers in one precinct caught one-third more burglars last year than the year before.

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