Prisons, Police Would Get Increase In PA Gov’s First Spending Plan


New Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, in his first budget proposal, wants deep cuts in education programs but protects public safety agencies, reflecting the governor’s background in the area, says the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. The corrections budget would grow $186.5 million from $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion dollars. The proposed budget restores $173 million in temporary federal stimulus funding that expires in June.

Proposed increases include $68.5 million to house 1,260 new inmates in four institutions and at community facilities. 2,100 inmates temporarily housed in Virginia and Michigan would be returned to Pennsylvania prisons for a savings of $29.6 million. Inmate medical care would increase by $1 million to $244 million. Funding for the Board of Probation and Parole would increase from $142.1 million to $149.1 million, including an increase of $7.3 million for supervision of offenders. $3.4 million will fund additional parole officers. For the state police, The general fund appropriation would increase by $10 million from $175.6 million to $185.6 million, and the appropriation from the Motor License Fund would rise by $31.6 million from $533.5 million to $565.1 million.

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