Cincinnati Drops Police Merger Idea; Chief Streicher Gone Mar. 26


Talks toward some form of joint Cincinnati/Hamilton County police force are over and the city will resume its search for a new police chief, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Sheriff Simon Leis called City Manager Milton Dohoney yesterday to say that without enough support for the idea on City Council, there was no reason for city and county officials to continue negotiating. County Board of Commissioners President Greg Hartmann said he was disappointed, but not surprised because the issue wasn't presented in a thoughtful way.

“It would have saved taxpayer dollars, it would have been innovative and shown that government is reacting to difficult economic times like business does,” he said. “It wasn't even really studied, no work was done on it. This shows the challenges in changing people's way of thinking. If we don't make changes now in this economy, I don't see when we will.” Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher's last day is March 26. The interim plan for replacing him is to alternate assistant chiefs a month at a time.

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