Plea Deal Offer in 18-Year Dugard Kidnapping Case: 440 Years to Life


Nancy and Phillip Garrido have confessed to kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard 20 years ago, the Sacramento Bee reports. The two reportedly kept Dugard as a sex slave for the 59-year-old convicted kidnapper and rapist for 18 years. The confessions were part of an effort by Phillip Garrido to win some leniency in an 18-month-old court case that could send both defendants to prison for life.

Defense attorney Stephen Tapson says prosecutors have offered Nancy Garrido a plea deal if she agrees to a sentence of 241 years and eight months to life, while her husband has been offered a sentence of 440 years to life. “Admittedly [Nancy] cooperated with him, under his authority, under his thumb,” he said. “So, obviously, [] if we go (to trial) we’re going to have to argue Stockholm syndrome and Patty Hearst stuff and so on. And there’s already psychiatric evidence to show she was under his thumb.” The case has dragged on since Dugard was found alive in August 2009, and she testified in September before a grand jury about her captivity. Dugard got a $20 million payment from the state for lapses by parole agents who supervised Garrido while she was being held captive.

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