Arizona Could Join Texas In Allowing Guns On Campuses


About a dozen state legislatures, concerned about the potential for campus shootings, are considering arming their academies, the New York Times reports. Texas may be the most likely to pass such a measure, with Arizona, known for is gun-friendly ways, also in the mix. Arizona legislators are pushing three bills focused on arming professors and others over the age of 21 on campuses. Sponsors talk of how professors and students are now sitting ducks for the next deranged gunman to charge through the classroom door. Some gun rights advocates go so far as to say that grade school teachers ought to be armed as well.

Administrators and campus police chiefs at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona have all expressed opposition to allowing guns. Faculty members are circulating petitions against guns as well. Most, but not all, students also appear opposed. The state's powerful gun lobby, with allies galore in the legislature, is pushing hard. The notion has been floated in previous legislative sessions, but this year proponents believe they may have the momentum to get it done.

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