WA Sex Offender Says he Deserves Execution for Killing Prison Officer


A Washington state sex offender accused of strangling a corrections officer says he should get the death penalty because he already is serving a life term, says the Seattle Times. Prosecutors charged Byron Scherf, 52, of killing Jayme Biendl in a prison chapel last month. Scherf told police Biendl offended him while they were in the chapel on Jan. 29, saying a statement she made “triggered a response in me.” He added, “I got to the point where I knew I was going to kill her.”

Biendl’s family favors the death penalty. Scherf apparently agrees, telling police, “I took her life and I think I should forfeit mine. If I get a life sentence and she’s [dead] then there’s no punishment attached to it because I already have a life sentence.” Scherf is serving a life term on a third rape conviction.

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