Massachusetts Drug Dealers Ply Their Trade in Rural Areas To Avoid Cops


Drug dealers have been using quiet side roads and nearby state parks in Massachusetts to pass cocaine and heroin to other dealers or to sell drugs to addicts, many of whom drive there from New Hampshire towns just over the border, reports the Boston Globe. Sometimes dealers bury drugs in snowbanks and under stones so clients and colleagues can find them later. The quick exchanges are taking place in rural outposts where police departments are too small to keep up with numerous deals.

“They're organized and they do their homework,'' Ashby, Ma., Detective John Dillon said of the area drug dealers. “If I was going to sell drugs, I wouldn't do it in front of 100 people. It's a very isolated area. You could go to certain streets and not see a house for a quarter mile.'' Tuesday, on a cul-de-sac of neatly kept homes surrounded by pine trees, a state trooper conducting surveillance fatally shot a man, 21, he ahd been watching.

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