Former CA Official Gets 248-Year Sentence for Sex Abuse of Adoptee


A former executive director of California state mental hospital and Walnut resident will die in prison for molesting his adopted son over the course of nine years, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Claude Foulk Jr., 63, got a prison sentence of 248 years for his conviction on more than 30 counts of child molestation for abusing his adopted son from age nine to 18.

The abuse took place while the father and son lived in Long Beach, then continued when they moved to Walnut. Though the case against Foulk involved only his adopted son, four other men testified during his trial that they were molested by Foulk as far back as 1966, district attorney’s officials said in the statement. Foulk served as the executive director of the Napa State Hospital until he was charged, and subsequently fired, on Feb. 24, 2010.

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