Brady VP Sees Hypocrisy in House Vote on ‘Sensible’ Gun Plan


Writing on the Huffington Post, Dennis Henigan, vice president of the Brady Center, says he sees hypocrisy in last week’s House vote to block a move to curb gun trafficking to Mexican cartels. He wrotes, “‘We don’t need new gun laws. We just need to enforce the laws on the books.’ How many times have you heard this argument from the gun lobby and its wholly-owned subsidiaries in Congress? And how many times have their actions on gun law enforcement exposed the hypocrisy of their words?

“It has happened yet again on the issue of gun trafficking to Mexico. It is now beyond dispute that more than 60,000 guns – primarily military-style semiautomatic assault rifles – have moved from American gun shops in the border states into the hands of the murderous Mexican drug cartels, and more are moving every day. Yet on Friday, the House of Representatives, heeding only the National Rifle Association’s command, voted to block the Obama Administration from implementing a sensible proposal that would enhance enforcement of our laws to curb gun trafficking to the Mexican cartels.”

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