Suspect in St. Petersburg Officer Killing, 16, Struggled in School


Nicholas Lindsey, the 16-year-old accused of killing a St. Petersburg police officer, was described as a quiet kid who was struggling in school, says the St. Petersburg Times. His family said they did not know he had a gun or how he would have come up with the $140 he apparently paid for it. A woman who knew him at his middle school and high school said he was “always polite” and not a “thug.” Said Sherry Howard, volunteer coordinator, “I know some thugs here, that kid is not. When I saw him on the streets, he’d say, ‘Ms. Howard, how are you doing?’ Always polite.”

“What made him that angry? What made him snap? He doesn’t seem like he wouldn’t respect or comply with the officer,” she continued. “What was the catalyst that made him get to the point that he had to shoot this man? Because that’s not him. That’s not this child.” Principal Kevin Gordon said Lindsey, a 10th-grader, missed 42 days this school year and attended only seven class periods this month.

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