New York Times Reports on Some Celebrities with Handgun Licenses


Among the more than 37,000 people licensed to have a handgun in New York City are dozens of public figures: prominent business leaders, elected officials, celebrities, journalists, judges, and lawyers, reports the New York Times. Some express pride in their gun ownership, like divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, who posed with his .38-caliber Smith & Wesson. Several well-known lawyers were irked to learn they would be included in an article based on the public records.

Alexis Stewart, a radio hostess and daughter of Martha said, “I don't believe people should be allowed to have guns in America,” but explaining she bought a .357 Magnum after 9/11. Getting a handgun legally in New York is a two-step process. Applicants must obtain a license, which costs $340, takes about 12 weeks to process, is good for three years and requires a police background check. Those who pass that hurdle must get a purchase authorization from the police for the weapon they intend to buy. One handgun license may list up to 25 weapons (so far, no one has tried to register more than that, officials said), but buyers must wait 90 days between purchases. The 41,164 registered handguns include those owned by more than 2,400 people who live outside the city but have permission to bring their weapons in, like Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, and Sean Hannity, the conservative talk-show host.

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