Super Bowl Proved a Bust As a Center for Sex Trafficking


Before the Super Bowl in Dallas, Harriet Boorhem of the Promise House children's shelter, was told by the Dallas Police Department to expect thousands of underage prostitutes picked up during the sporting event. “We didn't get any,” Boorhem tells Youth Today. “It seems the number was really inflated [] I don't know how it got blown up so big.” A police spokesman said there was a total of one arrest for trafficking.

That result defied the expectations of many. In November, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott labeled the Super Bowl “one of the biggest human-trafficking events in the United States.” The KlaasKids Foundation reported 23 direct contacts with potential commercial sexual exploitation victims during the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami. The organization also reported recovering six missing children and “intervening in four potentially dangerous situations, removing five girls from potential recruitment or exploitation by pimps.”

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